☆ My stupid tumblr themes ☆

Why am I getting asks for my ask blog on my mod blog. The ask button is like right next to the one that links to my ask blog D:

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  3. askcharliefoxtrot said: 'cause you post more from your mod blog than your ask blog?
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    It is also worth mentioning I can’t lead you because you don’t tell me where you want to go. "Can you lead me through...
  5. askstripes said: You so silly Kat.
  6. doctor-agon said: Perhaps that is why. The proximity of the buttons is confusing people XD
  7. asktycowonderbolt said: TOSS DAT WINGED PONY. Pegasus chucking will be the next pointless small town holiday!
  8. discommunicator said: tumbl-away~