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  • Bee: boob is good I apriciate boob
  • Kat: yes i like boob
  • Kat: boob is fun
  • Bee: yay boob
  • Kat: ha ha boob
  • Bee: peen is. Peen is mostly in way
  • Bee: I wanna wear pants and be comfortable damn it
  • Kat: no boobs are like that too like
  • Kat: if i put laptop on stomach
  • Kat: boob tries to type
  • Bee: put laptop on lap, heats up peen XD
  • Kat: before apple updated the OS boob could actually drive the trackpad
  • Bee: no comfy
  • Bee: lol
  • Kat: it can still click things sometimes
  • Bee: boob wants to drive
  • Kat: yes boob is driving this computer
  • Kat: honk honk here comes boob


commission for askthenightguards for ftabpony of their character Fel!

I hope you both like it :)

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intermediate boobs obv

google is doing an impressively bad job

however doing a normal google search of ナンドデモ gave me a bunch of pictures of the same anime girl so it is possibly her boobs

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google I wish you would have translated this correctly because I am interested in they shiina is talking about boobs boobs

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currently praying that there will be a manageable amount of printer lines to photoshop on the new zkc chapter.

I FEEL FOR U…… or at least less blur. btw do you (OR ANYONE FOLLOWING ME HELLO) know anyone that would want to do redraws for the 39 omake + supplement? there’s warping on every page because of the binding and it ain’t pretty. also like 4-5 pages where there’s text over the characters.

i already cleaned out the balloons and some gray areas and i can also do the typesetting (for the supplements), since i know y’all are gonna have a lot on your plate with the weekly chapters now.

I can give it a shot at least if nothing else it’s worth a try I was just practicing on the mio/kaoru picture but it’s kind of “I tried”


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saw this and thought of you right away…


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the summary

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I am dying sned help

nextwave is best comic

:o haven’t heard of it. What is it about?

Instead of explaining I will just give you some screenshots I took awhile ago






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You know what Marvel should make a movie of?


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Call Kat for inbox penis

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i should maybe go to bed

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