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It is fuzzy-bee's birthday tomorrow 

this is why you should tell kat what you want instead of making her think of something

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You should submit names to the national weed naming agency or something. Kat’s Titty Sprinkles. Grade: A-

i think to name it you must invent it 

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tastes like a ballsack. makes u feel like a ballsack

the most informative review ever just like a ballsack

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who’s in charge of naming these oh my goodness

people who are stoned probably

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God’s vagina is beautiful

it sure sounds better than ballsack

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That is clearly what I should get if I ever do pot.

it’s the madoka strain

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I thought everyone should know


there is a pot strain called “gods vagina” and this is hilarious to me

like yesterday i saw

And NEXT weekend my gods vagina og kush as well as my hashes and head dabs will be done.

I was really confused

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someone in chai’s stream suggested dunsparce

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fuck i didn’t know there were churches and schools named Immaculate Conception what a name

there was a school by my house called Most Precious Blood

and there are dozens others across the country with the same name

when my grandmother had a nurse that visited she had one who’s name was Immaculate Conception. I have no idea if she was born with it or changed it to that for some reason but yeah that is a thing i guess.

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it works fine for me at all zoom levels

it’s the browser apparently. I just checked and it doesn’t happen in firefox

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at 110% and 125% zoom, mine is doing the same thing, I don’t understand.


that is what did it

My STUPID trackpad keeps zooming in and out despite me disabling the zoom for some reason. It was at 110%

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Maybe it’s something to do with your setup? Your GIF area looks wider than the standard tumblr gif area.

that’s what I thought but it keeps going between the normal spinning in place and how it is now so if it was my end it shouldn’t be doing that just from refreshing the same page? I tried turning everything off and on again and it didn’t help. 

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I think i found the problem (check the last line of the highlighted text)

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