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i am picturing you as a mitten in ohio wining a mitten award for their proud mitten award most mitteny in mitten state

what does this mitten award look like oh sage


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LATE PRESENT FOR KAT!! i don’t usually do backgrounds (this is technically one lol) but it looked really weird without one omfg so i scrabbled one on u can tell i did it + the shading as an after thought whoops..LOVE U KAT!!!!!!!!

thank you so much it’s so cute ;u;

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Imagine your icon owning cows, but the cows escape. There are now cows everywhere. Your icon breaks down in tears.

azhuresunsoar replied to your post “People who live in tornado places. I am curious. Do you ever not find…”

a lot of the tornado spotting done here I think is reported by storm chasers. like the weather reporters can show on radar where a tornado will likely happen, and if the conditions show there SHOULD be one, but it doesn’t guarantee one has touched down, though the severe weather warnings go off pretty early, and we have sirens

so basically we need to report the whirlytrees to the news then?

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I think that’s most of the ones we get around here. I usually see people questioning if a tornado actually happened after the fact and having a hard time telling.

they knew the last time one hit I think? Like the one that hit Springfield like a year or two ago I remember watching the news reporting on it as it was happening.

Like usually we don’t know FAR ahead of time but we usually know like soon enough to be told to get to shelter

not that we have any tornado shelters really other than normal basements

or tornado sirens


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People who live in tornado places. I am curious.

Do you ever not find out a tornado is happening until after it is gone?

because that apparently happened today here

there was no warning beforehand except mom says the treetops were being blown around in circles by the wind. They did not know this tornado existed apparently until after it became an actual tornado and bashed some buildings up A+ weathering news


This is what my husband and I purchased at the grocery store the other day.

We don’t have kids.

We are adults. We pay bills.
And drink water from a whale.





'not skimpy shorts and belly tops' but exposed midriffs literally was the 90s

I bet everyone who cries they wanna live in the 90s would immediately regret it when they learn what the internet was like back then

yeah that’s right I remember the 90’s and even shopping in the kids section I had trouble finding shorts that covered my labia. I remember all the tops being spaghetti sting halters with the belly showing too.

also “punks were the cool kids”

did that actually happen somewhere? Like I didn’t see it in my school OR on tv. I was goth and the closest to “cool” I got was people being scared of me. Which is not the same thing as “cool” it’s the same as “nerd” only people don’t beat you up.

Goths and punks are outcasts that is literally part of the point of being one.

Other notes: green day I don’t remember hearing on the radio much until american idiot came out (2003) and that was about when I stopped listening to the radio, because you see when green day got popular there came like 20 bad greenday ripoffs no one has ever heard of because they all sucked.Like I get being nostalgic to some degree because there is like NO rock music on the radio anymore at all and there was back 15 years ago but at that point shit was already going down hill and having to become rap-rock and pop-rock and you are overall just better off listening to the classic rock station sorry. Also back then? no music piracy. You could technically try but you’d have to be insane because iirc a 4 song cd I tried to make took me 12 hours to download off kazaa. So you better hope your local radio has some great shit or you aren’t going to be hearing any music you like anyway.

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fun fact: that literally was the flying spaghetti monster - the whole story is just as illogical [even for that series]

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it is actually the immaculately conceived child of little girl who was turned into a building and worshipped as a prophet by some religious fanatics. it absorbed everyone and then just flew away.

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for the record, that was the least upsetting story I have read so far, probably because everything was so absurd. franken fran is a punishment not a pleasure.

should i read the thing

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I don’t even know what I’m reading anymore

is that the flying spaghetti monster

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“happy birfday to you c':”

thank c;

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“This ask is a tad bit late, but I hope you had a good birthmas <3”

yes I received a dunsparce and a skull shirt it was nice

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“haPPY BRITHRTYDAY KAT <333333333333333333333 I'm sry gift is delayed bUT I hOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY WITH A MILLION BOOBIES ILU <333333333333333333”

thank u sweetie <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

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thank u for this

no it’s the other boobfairy person clearly why would it be me >->


My life is a series of things that I should have finished a long time ago or at least kept up, but didn’t.

This is unfortunately reflected well in like every blog I half assedly maintain.

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